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HomeGuard supplies the building and construction industry with comprehensive housewrap products to protect buildings under construction and after completion. HomeGuard Housewrap products installed behind the exterior cladding help create a secondary weather barrier. 

HomeGuard Housewrap products enhance the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and the insulation system.  The barrier created by Homeguard housewrap protects walls from water damage, and potential mold and mildew problems that can occur in wall cavities. Indoor air quality is safe from infiltrating smells or pollutants.

Explore this site for specifications of HomeGuard products, to learn what a housewrap system is required to do and how HomeGuard Housewrap products meet and surpass those requirements.

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The value of HomeGuard housewrap products goes beyond what the competition can offer. HomeGuard supports and promotes the businesses of our customers by providing:

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